Monday, March 31, 2014

Hemihypertrophy, hooray.

March 17, 2014
Zacchaio is enjoying all the luxuries of home! He doesn't miss the hospital bed baths a bit... even though the nurses were pretty cute.

He's gaining weight well and is even managing to nurse! Considering he wasn't introduced to oral feeding until 5 weeks old, he's proving to be our little rock star!

The most recent additional diagnosis Zacchaio has gotten is right-sided Hemihypertrophy, meaning the right side of his body is over growing compared to the left. It wasn't apparent at birth but I brought it to the attention of his doctors at about 3 weeks old when I first noticed it. Initially it was difficult to tell if the right limbs were bigger than the left because of the nevi (after all, they're skin overgrowths), but it turns out it is in fact hemihypertrophy. He'll need to get regular blood tests and ultrasounds to monitor for tumor growth, as those with the diagnosis are more at risk for Wilm's tumors. We're praying the size difference remains manageable and continues to involve only tissues (fat/muscle) and not his bones. For now I suppose there's just more Zacchaio to love!
Right-sided hemihypertrophy. You can see the extra arm and thigh rolls compared to his left side.

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