Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A visit to the Ophthalmologist

Great news!
Although Zacchaio's corneal opacities (clouding of his cornea) are still present (and always will be), they are NOT affecting his vision! We are so blessed that they are on the periphery and not centrally located. Had they been more central the doctor said there would be vision loss, lazy eye, and moderate to severe near/far-sightedness. The doctor went a step further and said he is confident his vision will remain unaffected in the future as well!
We will continue playing it conservatively for now which means follow up eye appointments every few months, but what a fantastic morning! We have at least one appointment per week this month with other specialties and I'm hoping this is merely a start to a string of good news!
Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Hoyt out of UCSF, was so personable, considerate, sincere, and cheerful. He was most definitely worth the long trek into the city this morning. We were also lucky enough to bump into our favorite nurse and pediatric anesthesiologist following our appointment at the Starbucks around the corner. They were both integral in Zacchaio's care while in the NICU, and although we might have had a professional relationship with them in the hospital, they're turning out to be lifelong friends out of the hospital. 
Great care, great people, great miracles. 


  1. I really hope that doctor is right about his vision! That must have been so scary to see that in your child's eyes though. I'm really happy to hear he is just fine though. It is truly a miracle.

  2. Awww! Zacchaio is so so cute! I’m glad to hear the positive result about his vision. He’s such a lucky baby, and I’m sure you're very proud to have him. I guess we should be thankful that you lucked out and found a great ophthalmologist, who sincerely and cheerfully assisted him. Thanks for sharing that! I wish your family all the best!

    Jennifer Bell @ Find Clarity Vision