Wednesday, July 30, 2014

We have made our decision.

A short meeting with the neurologist today confirmed the treatment option that we have been anticipating for the last 6 weeks. The plan is that sometime in the next two weeks, the #1 neurosurgical team in the country will perform a functional hemispherectomy which will disconnect the entire right side of Zacchaio's brain and render it useless.

Too many logistical details remain undetermined at this time, but we will go into greater detail about the procedure and our decision-making process in a future post.

We sit in prayer and contemplation and invite Team Zacchaio to join in.


  1. I keep you all in my prayers and hope that the results you get exceed your best wishes. Lovelovelove, Vicki O

  2. Baby Zacchaio is in expert hands and so lucky to have such amazing parents and supportive family. Praying for him (and keeping you all in our thoughts) here in CV. Lots of hugs and love, The Thompsons