Sunday, August 24, 2014

Post-op Days 7-10

We've been riding the status quo wave since Thursday, hence this entry entails a handful of happenings while on this ride that has required an immense amount of patience.

Post-op Day 7

We begin to see intermittent interest in toys!

Post-op Day 8

Three hours of sleep per night. Delirium at its finest.

Post-op Day 9

Zacchaio has remained very resistant to taking food by mouth and whether that is because of nausea, vomiting, or pain related to his incision, we will never know. We have since started continuous feeds through his NG tube and we are happy to report that he is tolerating them with no vomiting!

We also discovered that he would sleep for longer stretches of time when he slept in our hospital bed as opposed to his crib. It's all yours, Your Highness.

After having a check-in with Alkaio back home in California, tears among endless "I miss yous" led us to buy him a one-way flight to Cleveland the next day. Although our family is still not living under the same roof, I forgot how amazing it felt to be living within the same city limits. This morning when Aidan, Alkaio, and I had a family hug we said, "Everyone think of Zacchaio right now so this is a REAL family hug!" And it was perfect.

Post-op Day 10

It seems as if Zacchaio is starting to turn a corner... 

And while I witnessed the sparkle in Zacchaio's eye begin to return, Aidan shared a day full of laughter and joy with our big boy. Balance is feeling really good right now.

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