Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Morning of Surgery

Just as anticipated, we both slept very little last night. Zacchaio never left my arms which allowed me the perfect amount of closeness with him before surgery this morning. He was so angelic while he slept, though he was only able to find short stretches of peaceful rest. Seeing him seize as much as he did through the night is more than enough validation for our choice.

With every new face coming through Zacchaio's room this morning, we are feeling more and more at home. Another local priest, Fr. Dean, showed up unexpectedly as we were accompanied back to pre-op. He blessed Zacchaio with holy oil and left behind icons. 

So far so good...

Zacchaio's anesthesiologist came in for a pre-surgery briefing and greeted us with a joyful, "Kalimera!" (Greek: Good morning!) Everything about her was beautiful, and she fell in love with Zacchaio immediately. She was perfect.

Next the entire team came by for a huddle. Surprisingly, we found ourselves joking and laughing more than anything else. In sharing such genuine laughter with the team, I feel we all made deep and personal connections that spurred a more personal investment in our baby's well-being. We are convinced that he is in calm, confident, and capable hands. 

Before they took him back to the operating room, our anesthesiologist asked, "A prayer before we go?" 

This is so right.

While encircling Zacchaio, the team and Aidan and I spoke the Lord's Prayer. 

May the surgical prep begin. Surgery should begin in about an hour.

God bless you baby boy.


  1. Health and long, fruitful life for Zacchaio, and peace for his family now and always.

    Dale Richards

  2. He is a little angel!!